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These are just a few tips and information relevant to the house and your stay:

Electricity: 110 volts, power plugs type A and B. Other plugs need an adapter. Make sure your electronic appliances are compatible with 110 volts.
Power Plug Type A and B

Emergency power supply: In the Dominican Republic power cuts do occur, but typically for a short time only. Nevertheless, we have an inverter as emergency power supply which will take care of the fridge, Wi-Fi, water pump, ceiling vans, all lights and the power outlets except those for the laundry and the kitchen.

Drinking water: Normally in the Dominican Republic tap water is not potable. Our water is filtered a first time through our own natural filtering – a special, professionally installed system based on a specific type of filtering sand. When our children were small, we installed a second filtering system in the kitchen. This means that the water coming out of the fridge and out of the faucet next to the sink is filtered two times and perfectly potable.

Bed linen & towels: The bed linen is changed twice and the towels three times a week.

Hair dryers: three hair dryers available, one in every room (except the children’s suite).

Music: There is a bluetooth loudspeaker to which you can connect your bluetooth music devices (Smartphones, Notebooks, etc.).

TV: There is a 43 inch LG TV set with too many chains available.

Hot Water & Cooking stove: Both work with gas. We have two big gas bottles. If a change is needed, our gardener will take care of it.

Safety box: The three king size bedrooms have a safety box each.

Mosquito Repellent – Don’t forget it. You can also buy some at the supermarket. The house, gardens and the area around it are treated regularly against mosquitos.

Tipping: Tipping is common and appreciated in the Dominican Republic – but not compulsory. Your level of satisfaction should be your main driver. In restaurants, we tend to tip from 5 to 10% depending on the amount of the bill and level of satisfaction and hand over the tip in cash even if the bill is paid by credit card.

Tipping our house staff: For our house staff, tipping is optional and depends on your level of satisfaction. However a reasonable amount of tip makes our staff feel appreciated, motivated and will help their families as well. We are often asked what amount is right. We think that an amount of 5 USD for Mimio the gardener and 10 USD for Bina per day of your stay as a fair base. However, the decision is fully yours.

Cigars: If you like cigars, we can recommend “Mundo Puro” in front of the bakery “Boulangerie Française”. You can also see how they roll cigars.

Self driving: You can explore the Peninsula of Samana or any other place by yourself, but try to be back in Las Terrenas before nightfall. If you do drive at night, be extra careful. There can be animals on the road, drunk drivers and vehicles with bad or no lighting. So please be careful.

Medical emergencies: If you have any medical emergency, please call Dr. Polanco, (Phone +1 809 240 4028). If you need some medicine, a good pharmacy called Hidalgo (phone +1 809 240 9449) is next to the supermarket Pola. They do deliver to the house. Alternatively, your house maid Bina can get your order.

Grocery shopping: There are two classic super markets which we recommend. One is called Pola (Mon-Sat 8am to 10pm, Sun: 9am to 8pm) the other one Lindo. Lindo has a wide range of French products including nice bread and pastries. For those who like it a bit more local, there are many small colmados and stands selling all kind of things on the way to town and in Las Terrenas itself.

Coffee: In addition to the normal drip coffee maker we have a Dolce Gusto Espresso machine which works with special capsules. You will find a few complimentary capsules when you arrive. They can be bought at the supermarket Pola.

Cash withdrawal: There are several ATMs downtown where you can get cash. You do not have to bring all the cash with you. At the big supermarkets, at most of the restaurants and car rentals you can pay with credit card. For small restaurants, “colmados” (small supermarkets) and excursions you need USD or Dominican pesos (DOP). There is an ATM at the supermarket Pola or at any of the banks in town.

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