Samaná Zipline and Playa del Valle

Samaná Zipline is located in the mountains between Samaná and El Valle in the north coast of the Dominican Republic. You do not need to be a sports pro to do it at all, a little bit of bravery might help, though. We did it many times with children age 4 and above. Children can do the zip line together with an adult if they prefer.

Samaná ZiplineIf you do this excursion without a guided tour, you should have a 4-wheel drive vehicle and not a normal car to drive to Samaná Zipline. There are two different zip parks in Samaná, one just before getting to the town of Samaná and the other one thereafter Samaná. The better one is the one after Samaná! The price is 60 USD per adult and 45 USD per child. You have to pay cash in Pesos or Dollars. Once you get to Santa Barbara de Samaná (45 minutes drive from Playa Bonita) it will take you about 15 more minutes to get to the Zipline. Follow the direction to Las Galeras. You will pass the Samaná Bay and Harbor and then the road goes up the hill. At the next intersection turn right and just after that, you will see a sign turning left to Samaná Zipline. From this point on the road gets a bit bumpy. Just drive straight, you can’t miss the Zipline. You do not have to book in advance. After the Zipline, you can have lunch on the beach at Playa del Valle (beautiful beach, just another 10 minutes drive). There are two or three places to eat, very typical Dominican. Josefina’s restaurant is the one we like most. You can preorder your lunch the evening before (from 6 pm, before she is on the beach and has no cell phone connection). If you do not preorder, it’s no problem; you just might have to wait a bit longer while having some Piña Coladas (don’t miss them). Cell phone Josefina: +1 (829) 632 1534.

At the Zipline, they can show you how to get to the Playa del Valle. You can’t get lost. Make sure you leave Playa del Valle early enough to get back to Las Terrenas before nightfall.

On your way back to Las Terrenas stop at “Balcones del Atlántico”. You can’t miss it, it’s quite a big hotel, just before getting to the village of Las Terrenas. At the bar “Balconcito” they make wonderful drinks directly on the beach. It is a small, cozy wooden beach bar perfect for that sunset mojito. After the main entrance, just drive another 50 meters. You will see the sign of Balconcito. Should you be hungry again, consider the restaurant Porto at the same location. Fantastic location, good food, and in case you have to wait for a table, there is another, bigger bar here as well.

Samaná Zipline:
Bar Balconcito: Location
Josefina cell phone: +1 (829) 632 1534

PhilSamaná Zipline and Playa del Valle

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