Limon Waterfall

Limón Waterfall

El Limón Waterfall is only 30 minutes away in the direction of Santa Barbara de Samaná (the main town of the Peninsula of Samaná) and certainly worth a trip. You probably want to join a tour.

Zipline Samaná

Samaná Zipline and Playa del Valle

Samaná Zipline is located in the mountains between Samaná and El Valle in the north coast of the Dominican Republic. You do not need to be a sports pro to do it at all, a little bit of bravery might help, though. We did it many times with children age 4 and above.

Deep Sea Fishing, Sports Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing (Sports Fishing)

We are regularly asked if there were deep-sea fishing opportunities in Las Terrenas. Yes, there are! Whereas we have nobody fishing in the family, hence no personal experience, we hear that Sport Fishing Charters Las Terrenas does a good job.