Restaurants at Playa Bonita

We recommend consulting TripAdvisor to read the latest reviews, but we are happy to provide some information. Recently – the end of 2018 that is – the restaurant at the Mosquito Boutique Hotel and the one at the Casa Grande have all changed ownership or management and are fun again to visit for a meal or a drink. All the restaurants mentioned below are just an easy stroll away from the villa.

Ney’s Beach Bar & Grill (+1 829 586-0558, FB) opened mid-2019 and is already being praised all around. We went a few times and love it. Ney, the owner and chef with international experience has a great personality, will explain what’s on offer, how it’s cooked and may even show his kitchen and fridge if you’re lucky. He knows his stuff. Whether meat, pasta or seafood, you won’t be disappointed. Try it! You’ll find Ney by hitting the beach, turn left and walk not more than 2 minutes.

The Atlantis (+1 809 240 61 11,, is a sure bet. French chef Gerard Prystasz, former head of the Élysée, combines local products, French tradition, and talent. We have eaten many times at the Atlantis – it’s fun. For lunch, make a reservation at the beach gazebo, and enjoy the view and the cooling sea breeze. Don’t forget to order a Tarte Tatin for dessert, it’s delicious. The Atlantis is a two minutes walk on your left when you get out of the house at the beachside.

The Mosquito Boutique Hotel – The owners of the famous Mosquito Bar downtown took over this place end of 2018. You can have a nice meal or just a delicious drink in a very relaxed atmosphere. Leave the villa on the beachside, turn right and walk for about 3 minutes.

Hotel Casa Grande – A lovely young French Cuban couple is holding this charming beachfront hotel and restaurant. Leave the villa on the beachside, turn left and walk for a minute.

PhilRestaurants at Playa Bonita

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