Wave surfing & Body surfing

Playa Bonita is a good surf spot in Las Terrenas for beginners and advanced surfers. There are two surf schools just a few houses away on the beach. They rent surf and stand-up paddleboards and offer private or group classes for all levels.

Johannes from Pirata Surf School is located at the Hotel Casa Grande and Carolina’s surf school at the Mosquito Hotel and . Both walking distance and reliable. We normally use the Pirata Surf School for our family. The waves at Playa Bonita are not that big and the water is not deep. In case there is a strong swell, you can ask Johannes. He is always cautious and knows perfectly the behavior of the sea in Playa Bonita and Playa Coson.

For Johannes, you leave the property on the beachside and turn left, for Carolina, turn right. A two minutes stroll is all it takes to go surfing.

PhilWave surfing & Body surfing

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