Wave surfing & Body surfing

Playa Bonita is a good surf spot in Las Terrenas for beginners and advanced surfers. There are two surf schools just a few houses away on the beach. They rent surf and stand-up paddle boards and offer private or group classes for all levels.

Carolina’s surf school, is located at the hotel Acaya and Johannes’ shop, Pirata Surf School close to the Hotel and Restaurant Atlantis. They are both reliable we were told, but we only have experience with Johannes. If you just want to try yourself, go to the very right end of Playa Bonita when you leave the house. There, you find very gentle waves for the first trials or for your youngsters to surf in a safe environment. You’ll see yourself, a bit more to the left, the waves get higher but typically still nothing to be scared of. And if you are a parent, you can observer your children’s progress from a spot very close to the bar and the hammock.

For Johannes you leave the property on the beach side and turn left, for Carolina, turn right. A mere two minutes stroll is all it takes to go surfing.


PhilWave surfing & Body surfing

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